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Corona Treater for Film Blown

Note: The corona treatment machine is customized and the quotation is based on the material processed, processing width, single-sided or double-sided processing, linear speed, on what kind of machine, and how many dynes are required. Please email us for a quote, thanks.

Corona Treater
Corona Treating System
Key Feature:
Use hanging structure with convenient installation.
Use a special driver circuit and imported power module IGBT in the main loop.
Fixed circuit operating frequency, by adjusting the pulse width to change the output power.
With soft-start function to reduce the pollution on the net and protect equipment.
With stop-running function to protect the rubber roller.

An electronic impact machine (corona treatment machine, electric discharge machine) is mainly used for the surface treatment of plastic film, aluminum foil, metal film, paper and cloth. The air between the two poles is ionized by electric discharge, and a plasma zone is formed on the surface of the film to change the surface of the film from a non-polar to a polar surface to achieve modification. In addition, high-voltage ionization of air produces ozone, which is a strong oxidant, which can instantly oxidize the surface molecules of the plastic film, transforming from non-polar to polar, and the surface tension is improved. After the electronic impact, the surface of the film is uneven, the plastic surface is roughened, and the surface activity is increased. Corona treatment is an indispensable process in the plastic industry before film blowing, compounding, coating, vacuum aluminizing film, and plastic film printing.
The digital electronic impact machine adopts imported IGBT module as the main power element, modular design, microcomputer control power adjustment, digital display window, the operation is more convenient, simple and easy to understand. It has the advantages of convenient maintenance, low power consumption, small size, and high power. Full electronic protection such as short circuit, open circuit, overvoltage, etc. The circuit boards are all immersed in epoxy resin, which can be used in any non-condensing high humidity environment. Ensure the reliability and stability of the whole machine.
Main feature:
1. Use high-voltage fast power transistors as power conversion devices;
2. Super high performance, high-frequency output (8-25KHz);
3. The output power is continuously adjustable;
4. Full electronic protection, automatic stop at low speed;
5. It is suitable for film making, printing, gluing, and compounding units.
Corona Treatment

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