Delta Robot RepRap

Delta Robot 3D Printer

RobotDigg are trying to provide 3Ders with Delta Robot 3D Printer, Pick and Place or Laser Marking supplies. Rostock, Kossel, SeeMeCNC, FirePick Delta are great mechanical construction and high efficiency not only in 3D Printing but also SMD pick and place, etc.
Metal parts for Delta Robot: Aluminum machined and anodized Vertex (Corner), Effector, Carriage for MGN12H linear rail and so on articles.
Full kits of Mini or XL, XXL Kossel 3D Printer, aluminum plate, aluminum extrusion profile, Linear Rail and Carriage, Tie Rods n Rod Ends, Smooth Rod for Rostock, etc.

Maker Vitamins

Parallel Robot 3D Printing, Laser Marking, Pick and Place

Cartesian XYZ, CoreXY, Delta Robot, SCARA, Polar, mechanical construction for lots of thing you verse.