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RobotDigg ME is part of RobotDigg. ROBOTDIGG.ME works closely with our customers (Stepper Motor, Pulley n Belt, etc.) in China who are the end machinery and equipment manufacturer in fields. At the very beginning, we bring only remarkable and relative products to Makers you and ourselves, SMD Equipment like PNP Machine, Reflow Oven, 3DOF and 6DOF Simulator Platform like Driving, Flight Simultors, Virtual Reality n Amusement Simulators.

RobotDigg started out as a motor manufacturing factory. We still make our own motors but we do more than just make 3D printer motors and accessories. We are experts at designing and manufacturing Hollow Shaft Stepper Motors, Stepper Motor Linear Actuators, External Shaft Steppers, Non-captive Shaft Stepper Actuators and Captive Stepper Motor Linear Actuators. We make motors in all sorts of configurations suitable for the automation of equipment, use in robotic systems and anywhere else you need precise controlled rotating or linear movement. When combined with our Tr8*8 Leadscrew Anti-backlash Nut our line of threaded shaft stepper motors provide a level of control and stability that belt systems just can not match. True, you do pay more for these motor systems but when being .01 millimeters out means total failure it is worth the price.

One-stop Shopping of Bill of Material

1. BOM to furnish styles of popular 3d printers: Ultimaker, Makebot, Kossel Mini, Kossel XL, Prusa i3, etc.

2. BOM for all kinds of builds like robotics, drones, aquarium, SMT Hollow Shaft Stepper Motor and SMT Nozzles for JUKI FUJI YAMAHA PANASERT SONY SANYAO TOSHIBA SAMSUNG SIEMENS PHILIPS. Peristaltic Pumps, Diaphragm Pumps, Syringe Pumps for medical, scientific and food industry, etc.
Gearhead, Worm Gear Reducer RV25, RV40, surface mount or through hole leds, parts for amusement machine, laboratory equipment, packing machines for food or medicine factory production lines. Please contact us by email to request. RobotDigg has professional sales in industries.

Powder and Bulk Engineering

Bulk Material Handling System

Compouding & Drying Technology

Dryer, spiral vibrating conveyor, classîfier, pelletizer, feeder, mixer