Vacuum clay making clay extrusion machine for clay printer



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Clay making machine for 3D printing

Twin screw clay extrusion for clay making
Capacity 150-300Kg/h, output die 60mm
Horizontal 2.2Kw twin screw clay extruder+0.55Kw vacuum pump
Suitable for extruding mud with water content for Clay 3D Printer.
clay extruder
You will need to prepare the clay specially for 3D printing with a clay extrusion machine.
clay extrusion
Vacuum mud kneading machine warranty notice
The vacuum mud kneading machine sold in this store provides technical guidance for life. At the same time, the electrical appliances of the product are guaranteed for half a year. If there is any problem with the electrical part within half a year, the buyer only needs to remove the damaged motor part and send it back, and we will be responsible for repairing it free of charge.

1. Main structure and working principle
The vacuum mud kneading machine is composed of a mud kneading machine, a vacuum pump, and vacuum accessories.
The main machine is arranged horizontally, mainly including power transmission part, feeding and stirring parts, vacuum chamber part, extrusion molding part, frame, etc.
Working principle
The vacuum mud kneading machine throws mud into the double-shaft propeller stirring mud chamber from the feeding port. The mud is first crushed and kneaded by the feeding propeller, and then mixed and pushed by the double-shaft screw. The surface area of ​​the mud is expanded through the sieve plate, and the entrained and adsorbed gas is gradually sucked out by the vacuum pump. The mud is pushed while degassing. When it reaches the vacuum chamber, the gas has been discharged. Then, under the strong push of the extrusion screw, the mud is squeezed into the conical cylinder of the machine head, and finally extruded from the machine nozzle. Then, the mud is cut into mud sections of the required size through the roller platform and sent to the molding workshop for production.
Lifting, installation and operation
All parts of the main machine of this equipment are installed on the base, which is convenient for installation and transportation.
After the installation and adjustment of the mud machine, it must be tested for no-load operation for 20-30 minutes.
During the test run, confirm that there is no abnormal sound, heat, or vibration, and the direction of rotation is correct in all parts before it can be operated with load.

2. Operation process
Start the vacuum pump, connect the vacuum chamber to the vacuum pump, and wait until the vacuum chamber is evacuated to a certain vacuum (usually 0.09Mpa)
Start the motor, and wait until it runs normally; evenly add mud to the hopper
Cut the mud from the extruded mud with a steel wire, and check for pores and cracks. If there are no pores, it is qualified.
Stop using
a Stop adding mud to the hopper
b Disconnect the motor switch to stop the mud machine.
c Unscrew the gate valve of the vacuum pipeline to allow the atmosphere to enter the vacuum chamber. d Disconnect the vacuum pump motor to stop the vacuum pump.
e Cover the hopper cover and clean the area around the mud machine.

Maintenance and repair methods
1. Before each use, check whether there are other obstacles in the hopper to prevent equipment accidents during operation.
2. Check whether the vacuum chamber is blocked. If blocked, stop the machine immediately to clear it.
3. Always keep the oil level in the reducer at a certain height and replace it with new oil every three months. Bearings and lubricating oil and grease.
4. Check the pipeline system for leaks frequently to ensure reliable sealing.
5. If the machine is not used for a long time, the mud kneading part must be cleaned and replaced, and anti-rust oil must be applied to the processing surface.
6. If the output drops sharply and the heat is serious, check whether the spiral blade is seriously worn. If it is seriously worn, it needs to be replaced with a new spiral blade.
7. If the rolling bearing of the reducer is worn, it can be removed and replaced according to the rolling bearing table.

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