Hydraulic n Pneumatic


Pneumatic is widely used in industries because of the easy control and low price.
Pneumatic cylinder as linear actuator has been over a century, the pneumatic press is one of the most popular applications where the pneumatic cylinder is applied.
The foil stamping machine adopts the pneumatic cylinder as the clamping and an opening actuator that the reason why the price of the pneumatic foil stamping machine is more affordable.

Disposable Razor Assembly Line

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Hydraulic equipment compared with pneumatic equipment, you do Not need an Air Compressor. A hydraulic press is more powerful compared with a pneumatic press you can get.
Hydraulic cylinders as the actuator can be found in our daily life open, taking the car lifter as an example. Hydraulic lift carrier is used for handling and lifting in the logistics industry.

In fact, in factory automation or equipment for industries are Not using the pneumatic or hydraulic as the only actuator, pneumatic and hydraulic unit are used to work together with electric actuator kind of motors.