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RobotDigg Equip Makers Empower Engineers.
Your Flexible Supply Chain in Shanghai China.

Hangzhou Bay Bridge, the Belt of RobotDigg.
RobotDigg location
Hong Kong Registration Address:
Add: Ho King Commercial Centre, ROOM 09 27/F, 2-16 Fa Yuen St, Mong Kok, HK, China
Tel: +86 170 01516168 (International Calling)

Warehouse n Order Center
No. 999 Jinliu Road, Jinshan Industrial Zone, Jinshan District, 201506 Shanghai.
Tel: 0086 21 61995299
Factory n Development Center
No. 188 Xiwu, Moushan Town, Yuyao of Ningbo 315456.

Founder&CEO: Tiger Huang
Co-founder&Sales Director: Derek Meng
Email First: RobotDigg
SKYPE: robotdigg
WeChat live support: (+86) 17001516168 (WhatsApp unstable)

ME Sales Manager: Ashley Liu
Direct line: 0086 21 61990021

Aliexpress Sales: Mike Wang
Ali Messenger: cn1003514282
Sales Manager: Rony Wang
Ali Messenger: cn1170352699qkcg

Domestic Sales: Shan Duoduo
Mobile: 13245619822
Hangzhou Bay

RobotDigg, Equip Makers and Empower Engineers.

RobotDigg opened our online store in 2013. We separated from our Stepper Motor, Linear Stepper Motor and Hollow Shaft Stepper Motor Manufacturing Division as a new Sales Department for our line of 3D printer accessories. RobotDigg specializes in belts, pulleys, hot-end extrusion parts and high quality stepper motors.
RobotDigg supplies parts to individual 3D printing hobbyists and to 3D printing machine manufacturers, We are equipped to supply parts in any number from a single pulley for your 3D printing machine to production runs numbering in the thousands for your 3D printer manufacturing business.
Our custom timing pulley machine service, custom motor manufacturing service and wide selection of small sized timing belts are our other strengths besides our proven ability to manufacture standard stepper motors and threaded rod stepper motors.

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