Polyurethane foaming machine exterior wall insulation foam spraying machine PU packaging sealant pouring equipment

Single phase 220V AC
3-phase 380V AC


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PU Foaming Machine

Foaming machine model: CM-810 Power supply: 380V/220V
Power: three-phase 1.5KW two-phase 1.1KW
Heater: A material 1.5KW B material 1.5KW
Pipeline length: 6m up to 10m
Working air pressure: pouring 8, spraying 3-4 Maximum flow: 1-9 kg black material per minute Heating temperature: 30-50 degrees Celsius Single tank volume: 27 kg
Dimensions: 750mm*800mm*1000mm
Machine weight: three-phase 120kg two-phase 85kg
Main motor: one 1.5KW pure copper motor Precautions:
Gearbox: one
Please wear glasses, masks, and protective clothes, before using and applying glue on the foaming machine.
Flow pump: 9 Kg/two
Distribution cabinet: The electrical appliances are Tianzheng electrical appliances
Spraying head: one
PU Foaming
Installation and use requirements:
Power supply: three-phase 380V, two-phase 220V. The user connects the power supply according to the specified direction of the pump.
6-8kg/cm2 compressed air
The user needs to equip an air compressor with a capacity of more than 0.6 cubic meters per minute to connect it, or directly connect it to the factory air compression system.
Water (for cleaning the gun head pipe)
Add water to the water tank before use, based on the test tube.
After following the above three steps, the installation is completed. Next, debug the equipment according to the instructions. After debugging, glue can be applied.
Foaming Machine
Instructions for use
1. Open the feeding port cover and add the corresponding black and white materials, then open the black and white material valve at the bottom of the tank.
2. Confirm the corresponding material pipe of black material/white material: adjust the reversing switch to the black material end, and open the black material/white material gun head valve at the same time to start the machine. The pipe from which the black material comes out is the black material pipe.
3. Adjust the reversing switch to the black material end, open the black material gun head valve to start the machine, wait for the black material to flow to the vicinity of the gun head, and confirm that the black material flows smoothly out of the black material pipe. Find 2 empty mineral water bottles and insert the gun head into one of them, and adjust the timer to set the glue discharge time for 5 seconds. Start the machine and get the amount of black material discharged by the machine in 5 seconds.
4. Then close the black material valve to clean the gun head. After cleaning the gun head, adjust the reversing switch to the white material end, open the white material gun head valve, start the machine, and get the amount of white material discharged by the machine in 5 seconds in the same way.
5. Weigh the obtained black and white materials. If the weight meets the foam ratio, the machine is debugged. After closing the white material valve and cleaning the gun head, glue can be applied directly. If the weight does not meet the weight ratio of the product, the inverter needs to be adjusted to control the weight ratio of the black and white materials (the 1:1 foam glue is generally adjusted to about 21 for black material and about 23 for white material).
6 After the equipment is debugged, open the air valve, black material valve and white material valve at the same time and close the water valve to apply glue.

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