RobotDigg Affiliate

"I plan on doing a video series on the XXX and want to know how to sign up for the RobotDigg Affiliate program. I couldn't figure it out on the website."
RobotDigg is proud to offer an affiliate program for its customers. With our program, you can earn a commission on every purchase your referrals make.
For purchases under 100 USD, you will receive a 2% commission.
For purchases from 101 to 1000 USD, you will receive a 1.5% commission.
For purchases from 1001 to 2000 USD, you will receive a 1% commission.
For purchases from 2001 to 10000 USD, you will receive a 0.5% commission and a purchase Credit of 50-100 USD with RobotDigg.

Once your referral has made a purchase and the order has been shipped over a month, you will be eligible to withdraw your commission payment of over 50 USD to your PayPal account.
We are confident that our affiliate program will provide you with great rewards for referring customers to RobotDigg. Join today and start earning commission!

"Do you offer a percentage off for customers who use my link? And what percentage would you offer me for referrals?"
T-shirt gift for referral purchase over 300 USD, or a coupon/discount will be provided for order amount over 400 USD.

RobotDigg Referral

RobotDigg is so proud to provide worldwide Makers, Engineers with mechanical, electronic, and production lines which are cost-performance products from China.
We think Collaborative Development is the main spirit of Open Source, RobotDigg is engaging to offer end-users great products and affordable prices. Now every one of our users will have the chance to share our link as RobotDigg Referral. For more details please refer to the video below.

Hi, This is Tiger Huang, Founder of RobotDigg, today I want to share with you the RobotDigg Referral Program, this program aims to help RobotDigg users to lower the cost of builds.
There are 4 options for you can participate in this RobotDigg Referral.
1. There is a Share This icon on the product page, you can share the product you want to buy on social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. You also can come to the RobotDigg dashboard, if you have an order with RobotDigg, to the order details page, you also can find the Share this icon following every product you've put in the order. Feedback with us on the link you’ve shared following the order by leaving us a message. You will get 2 to 10 US Dollars off to pay your order as a reward. (50-500 US Dollars order)
2. You can share a link direct to the RobotDigg product page to a Forum or a Group Talk with keyword anchor text. RepRap, Thingiverse, Google Groups, etc. to get a 5 US Dollars reward as a discount or return.
3. Share a video of no less than 1 minute on YouTube with your experience with RobotDigg products, you will get a 10 US Dollars commission at least.
4. Collaborative Development. If you share a link in a BOM of your builds, please let RobotDigg know, we are glad to get an agreement on all purchases of the same builds you've contributed to the Groups. RobotDigg will provide commission on a monthly basis.
To be simple
10 links share=10 US Dollars
20 links share=19 US Dollars
50 links=2% off for orders within a year.
100 links=4% off for orders in a lifetime.
Note: Link share (anchor text) under the same domain at most 1 per month, above that, it will be counted as 1 share.

RobotDigg Coupons and Rebates

RobotDigg does Not have Coupons or Rebates released on other websites except But for products over 500USD, you can leave a message or a note following the order placed, to check if there is a discount available before paying the order.

The final interpretation right belongs to RobotDigg Limited, thank you!