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Surface Mount Technology

SMT Production Line Solution Provider from Shanghai China

SMT Solution Shanghai China

Benchtop Pick and Place Machine, Channel Reflow Oven, High Precision Solder Printer

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OpenPnP Parts: Pick n Place Head, Pump, Linear Rail, Hollow Shaft Stepper Motor, etc

8 nozzle n camera pick and place machine
Open source pick-and-place machine utilizing linear rails with a cartesian X/Y gantry, built around the OpenPnP ecosystem, the typical is LitePlacer.
In China, DIY SMT is also getting popular and popular after a time flood of 3D Printer enthusiasm. The time to build OpenPnP is mature.
Delta Robot representation FirePick Delta is an open-source electronics manufacturing system, inspired by RepRap and powered by OpenPnP and FirePick's own Computer Vision software.

Soldering and Dispensing

Soldering Robot, Glue or Solder Dispensing Machine

Through-hole Technology

Insert Line, Wave Soldering Machine, Wave Soldering Unloader, Auto Insertion Machine

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