Robot, AGV n 6DOF


Collaborative Robot

Parallel Robot or Delta Robot Kossel, Rostock.
3, 4 or 6 DOF Robot Arm

3 DOF or 6 DOF simulator platform

Stewart Motion Platform
Servo Cylinder for Flight Simulator, Drive Simulator and so on

Arm robot or manipulator for Injection Molding

Replace man with a manipulator and let him do the valuable job.
Manipulator for Horizontal or Vertical Injection Molding Machine.

DIY Robotic, RCs

Omni-directional Wheels

Mecanum Wheels

48mm, 100mm, 127mm, 152mm, 60mm aluminum LEGO-compatible light loading Mecanum Wheels, medium and heavy loading mecanum wheels.

Automated Guided Vehicle

Navigation, Guidance, Searching and Driving, Technology of Cartesian Guidance, Wire Guidance, Magnetic Tape Guidance, Optical Guidance, Laser Guidance, Inertial Navigation, Visual Navigation and Global Position System.

RoboCup Supplies

Robot Servos include metal gear robot servo, coreless and brushless servo

ROS (Robot Operating System)