Spraying drone for agriculture



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Main Features:

1. Android ground station, easy to use / PC ground station, full voice broadcast

2. Router Setting support, Fully Auto Flight operation with A, B Point operation.

3. One Button take-off and landing, More safety and time-saving. 

4. Continue Spraying at Breakpoint, Auto Return when finishing liquid and low  Battery. 

5. Liquid Detection, BreakPoint record-setting. 

6. Battery Detection, Low Battery return, and Record point setting available.

7. Heigh Control Radar, Stable Altitude setting, Supporting Imitative Earth function.

8. Flying Layout setting available

9. Vibration Protection, Lost Connect protective, Drug Cut protection

10. Motor Sequence Detection and Direction detection Function.

11. Dual Pump Mode

Protection Grade IP67

Not afraid of dust and pesticide attack, support water washing of the whole machine body.

Dual FPV Cameras

Front&back dual FPV Cameras, Omnidirectional precise obstacle avoidance.

The spherical omnidirectional obstacle avoidance radar provides invisible safety escort, real-time perception of the three-dimensional environment, accurate ground simulation, and omnidirectional obstacle avoidance.