How is the Novel Coronavirus in China now?

18, Feb, 2020

How is the Novel Coronavirus in China now, Feb 2020?
The Coronavirus does Not delay the shipment from Shanghai at most :-) FedEx is coming RobotDigg everyday. But we are running out of stock linear rails and some other items.
In fact the situation is that
1. People from their home town after the Chinese New Year holidays are limited to go back working place if they do Not leave at 1st, Feb.
2. Even though we get back from home town to working place like Shenzhen or Shanghai, we have to stay at home for at least 2 weeks means "Isolation Yourself".
3. The government of every city of Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong and Shanghai, etc are taking actions to delay the opening date of business. Factories or business need to be approved by the government before you can get your door opening.

RobotDigg 17th, Feb fight against the Novel Coronavirus to ensure shipment of orders

The face mask is still in short but China has daily over 10 million masks produced and over 1 million is the N95. Face Mask Making Machine can do at most more than one thousand masks per minute
Face Mask Making