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Scara 3D Printer

The firmware is not Open Source, it's Not Windows10 compatible.
User end Software, Guides and Video Demo are provided.
1. All-metal structure, durable;
2. The dual-arm bearing structure, high strength, seamless, good accuracy, low resistance, spike all the simple structure without bearing arm;
3. Gear - belt transmission, high speed ratio, spike gear motor; Reason: The gear motor is a gear shift, there is a gap of 1MM gear and shift relatively small.
4. Small footprint, large print size;
5. On the desktop, such as flat print directly, no heat beds, energy saving afraid burns.

Techinical Parameter:
Printing Area:200*200*150mm
Machine size:350*320*400mm (Metal body)
Packaging size: 400*400*450mm
Power:220V 12V Support battery print
XY Accuracy: 0.5mm
Layer Accuracy:0.05-0.4mm
Printing Speed: 100mm/s
Printing Filament: 1.75mm pla
Profile style: STL/OBJ/GCODE
Operating System: XP,WIN7,WIN8,WIN10,MAC
Printing Method: PC connection
Operating Software: CURA repetier-host
Q&A regarding this machine setup.

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