Nema11 Non-captive Linear Stepper Motor

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Nema11 Non-captive Stepper for Pick n Place

Pick n Place Machine or Medical Instrument Machine pick head Non-captive Nema11 Stepper Motor.

Nema11 41mm Non-captive Stepper
New arrival: Nema11 34mm No-captive Stepper
200mm long Tr5*2, pitch 1mm Leadscrew
Rated Current: 0.75A
1Kg thrust at 500 pulse per second.
Non-captive Nema11 Linear

RobotDigg can provide you nema11 non-captive linear stepper motor with options.
Nema11 non-captive linear are widely used in pick n place machine, scientific instrument and medical analytical instrument, etc.

RobotDigg welcome your Customized Request and we have a small Minimum Order Quantity as 5pcs of this nema11 non-captive linear stepper motor.
You can use a bespoke acme leadscrew or ballscrew for your applications.

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