Nema8 Non-captive Linear Stepper Motor



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Nema8 Non-captive Stepper Motor

Rated Current: 0.5A
Holding Torque: 15nN.m

100mm length Tr3.5*0.61mm pitch 0.61mm or Tr3.5*1.2mm pitch 1.22mm (faster)
non-captive nema8 linear

RobotDigg can provide you with nema8 non-captive linear stepper motor with strong acme leadscrew, the longest acme leadscrew for nema8 is 100mm Tr 3.5mm, lead 0.61mm, the working length is about 78mm.

Please contact us for MOQ and your detailed request on this nema8 non-captive linear stepper motor.

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