Nema17 hollow shaft stepper 4 bespoke ballscrew

34mm body
48mm body


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Hollow Shaft Stepper for Bespoke Ball Screw or Lead Screw

Nema17 48mm Stepper
Rated Current: 1.68A
Two phase 4 lead wires bipolar
0.44N.m Holding Torque

1. Suppliers can Not provide you with longer lead screw or ball screw because of hard shipping or encounter bent during shipment?
2. Not decided to use a ball screw or lead screw linear stepper
3. With a coupling, the precision of automation or 3d printing no good?
300mm working length ball screw machined in stock for quick response
The hollow shaft stepper is also can be used for 6mm smooth rod to be through.

hollow shaft stepper

Now you can use this hollow shaft stepper with 6mm precise bore and machine the ball screw or lead screw at your end to match.
bespoke ball screw

Bespoke Ball Screw Linear Stepper
bespoke linear stepper
How to couple a stepper motor with ball screw

For prototyping, you haven't decided how big the dimensions you are going to build, ball screw or lead screw will be used, the hollow shaft can function as a coupling and much more reliable.
ball screw linear

New arrival: NEMA17 34mm body hollow shaft stepper motor with EDM machined pin to lock bespoke ball screw.
Rated current 1.5A per phase, 260mN.m holding torque

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