RUMBA Plus or 32 bit Control Board for 3D Printers



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OpenSource RUMBA Plus Board

3D printer controller for 3 extruders
RepRap Universal Mega Board with Allegro driver
compact size: 135mm x 75mm
fully integrated all in one solution:
Arduino 2560-R3 compatible (works with Sprinter, Repetier, Marlin out of the box)
ATmega16U2 (with enhanced firmware) for high speed USB serial connection (up to 2MBit)
can be used with 12V-35V for motors / heated bed
integrated high precision power regulators (DC/DC) for:
12V (FAN/Light/...) and
5V (ATmega2560/Logic)
power input selector for ATmega/logic (stand alone or power from USB)
easy DISPLAY + SD-CARD connector:
Smart LCD Controller compatible pin header on board
up to 6 motor driver with easy micro stepping setup (micro switches) which can be used for:
TRIPLE extruder
DUAL Z driver and DUAL extruder

New arrival: RUMBA Plus which can support 3 hotends

RUMBA32 32-bit Control Board

RUMBA32 is a 32-bit control board that doesn't force you to change your whole printer to suit it. Like RUMBA+ and RAMPS, it supports common character and graphical LCDs. RUMBA32 supports standard stepper drivers, like the A4988, DRV8825, and so on, but it also features added SPI driver support: just change the jumpers underneath any driver and you can use SPI-based stepper drivers, like the TMC2130 - no extra wiring required! RUMBA32 is a 32-bit control board that runs Marlin 2.0 - so if you're looking for a performance upgrade that will feel comfortable and familiar, RUMBA32 is it.
RUMBA32 Control Board

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