NEMA11 45mm long high torque stepper motor



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Nema 11 (28mm) 45mm Length High Torque Hybrid Stepper Motor

Order No. 11HY4403-20A.PDF
Holding Torque: 50mNm

Step Angle1.8 Deg
Rated Current1A per phase
Rated Voltage2.5V
Inductance per Phase1mH
Resistance per Phase2.5 Ohms
Motor Length45mm
Insulation Resistance100M Ohm Min. ,500VDC
Dielectric Strength500VAC for one minute
ShaftSingle shaft, round 5mm D

RobotDigg can produce a range of nema11 stepper motors, high torque 45mm and 51mm length nema11 stepper motors.

nema11 stepper motor wiring
nema11 stepper motors

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