Rapid threaded rod stepper 450mm Tr8*20 lead screw



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Rapid 3D Printer Threaded Rod Nema 17 Stepper with 450mm Tr8*20mm Lead Screw

Order No. 17HS3001-450N820.PDF
17HS3001-494TR8*20 3pcs in stock.
Self-locking Tr8*2mm 450mm Threaded Rod Stepper is available in stock.
Larger lead is for faster speed. Single start small lead can hold the position when power is cut off.

Compared to Lumipocket alike pocket  size 3D printer, Rapid and Large build volume 3D Printer is another direction of 3D Printer.
Nema17 40mm Stepper Motor
200 steps per revolution (1.8 deg/step)
2 Phase, Bipolar, 4 wires
Rated Voltage 2V DC
Rated Current 1.2A
Phase Resistance: 1.7 Ohm ± 10% (20º C)
Phase inductance: 4.5 mH ± 20% (1kHz 1 V rms)
Holding torque: 0.4 N.m Min.
Acme Lead Screw: 450mm, Tr8x20(P2.5)Nut: POM

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