Ultra flat stepper motor Nema23 for feeders

21T 0.4mm Gear


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Ultraflat Nema23 stepper motor for feeders

Step Angle: 1.8+-5%
Two phase 4 wires hybrid stepper
Rated Current: 0.8A
Holding Torque: 60mN.m
9.6mm Thickness

ultra-flat nema23 stepper
If you do Not need the gear and a longer shaft, please visit
Ultraflat Steppers

electric feeder motor
Electric Feeder stepper motor
This ultra-thin or ultra-flat stepper is specially designed for feeders in the semiconductor industry.
The ultra flat stepper motor can meet your need of narrow mounting space in automation equipment, medical pumps and laboratory equipment or inspection devices.

New arrival 8mm long M4 screw within 10mm long shaft
1flat stepper motor

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