Cast iron CNC engraving and milling machine gantry frame kit

Gantry kit
Gantry kit


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Cast iron gantry frame kit

3040 frame gantry kit includes base x1, workbench x1, integrated column beam x1, and one Z plate of different sizes.
The frame is finely milled by CNC milling machine. Except for the installation position of the protective limit, the others are punched and tapped.
Applicable to HGH20CA linear guide X580mm, Y500mm, Z300mm, three-axis 1605 ball screw screw seat standard BK12+BF12, the nut seat is suitable for the standard of opening hole spacing 22*38MM, and the ball screw is provided with drawings.
There are more or less sand holes on the surface of the casting.
Please pay attention to detecting the height of the guide rail slider. A few carriages (block/cart) can reach a height difference of more than ten wires. Such guide rail sliders cannot be adjusted to the accuracy when installed on the machine.
All castings are annealed and aged.
Note: linear rail, and ball screw are Not included.
CNC engraver gantry kit

4050 frame gantry kit design stroke X500Y400 (limit occupation has been deducted, calculated as 10-20MM occupation), Z stroke 150, feed height about 200. Guide rail specifications XY axis HGH25CA, Z axis HGH20CA. The three-axis design is a 20MM diameter screw, the screw seat is designed as an integrated screw seat, and the installation hole distance is 15*5445*58MM.
The workbench clearance height is 80.5MM (screw center height x2). The kit includes a base, an integrated beam column, a workbench, and two Z plates, a total of five pieces.
The kit has no other accessories except a 100mm spindle seat.
The workbench size is 500*400MM, and both sides are finely milled, without grinding.
There are more or less sand holes on the cast iron surface.
The shipping weight is about 210 Kg. The wooden box packaging size is about 76*78*76CM.
gantry frame

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