Color Masterbatch Metering Doser Volumetric Auger Feeder for injection or extrusion



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Volumetric Feeding Doser

Volumetric Feeder for dosing additives for injection molding or compounding extrusion.
Volumetric Feeder
Product parameters
Voltage: 220V
Power: 600W
Motor speed: 0-3000rpm
Mixing power: 90W
Screw outer diameter: SCM3016:16mm; SCM3014: 14mm; SCM3012:12mm
SCM3014: 1.1~20kg/hr;
Storage bucket capacity: 10L
Reduction ratio: 30:1
Product size: approximately 58 * 53 * 29cm
Product weight: approximately 29kg
Application range of metering masterbatch machine:
A metrological masterbatch machine is an instrument used in molding machines such as injection molding machines, extruders, and film blowing machines to automatically mix 1 main material and 1-3 color masterbatches or additives in proportion. This series of products adopts a PLC color touchscreen controller, and the metering color master machine uses a touch screen as the user operation interface, which is intuitive and convenient. This machine can operate synchronously with the injection molding machine signal online. The screw diameter can be divided into more than 8, 12, 14, 16, 20, 25, and 30 types, providing different output quantities of 0.04 to 80 kilograms per hour for customers to choose from.
Product features:
1. Using PLC touchscreen control for calculation, accurate measurement, and output
2. The metering masterbatch machine is synchronized with the injection molding machine signal, with formula storage and reading functions, and can call and start the machine
3. Equipped with metering function, automatic monitoring of color masterbatch or addition status, and automatic adjustment to adapt to changes in raw material stacking density
4. The measuring part can be completely removed from the base without material leakage. There is a visible material window device on the side of the base and hopper, making it easy to observe the raw materials
5. It can achieve quantitative feeding, accurate measurement, and stable transportation
6. Humanized design, simple operation, and stable machine performance
7. Modular assembly structure, which can replace or clean screws and sleeves
8. The dryer weighs 200KG and needs to be equipped with a reinforced large base
9. Optional ingredient level alarm, detects color masterbatch blockage and alarms
10. Standard mixer is optional, and customers have dual mixing requirements
11. Machine maintenance: Modular accessories, simple module switching, and maintenance
12. Suitable for extruders, injection molding machines, and film blowing modes. Please note when placing an order

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