Unpowered spindle with ER20, ER25 or ER32 collet



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Unpowered Spindle

Install a directly connected spindle with a diameter of 80mm. Front 7007 and rear 7007 4 bearings
The maximum spindle speed is 8000 and the rated speed is 6500
Spindle with mounting flange and coupling
You will need a servo motor (including driver) for a complete spindle. The CN1 plug is welded with a switch and 0-10 analog speed adjustment. The external speed mode has been changed
The knob speed adjustment range is 0-5000 rpm and can be connected to a host computer such as Weihong/MCAH3USB. / Wait for the system to be used, and it can be connected to the power supply
The spindle is equipped with a high-precision nut as standard, and all spindles are not equipped with chucks or wrenches
A stepper motor or servo motor is Not included, the following photo is for reference only, it's a quick-mount unpowered spindle
Unpowered Spindle
ER25 and ER32, ER20 and ER16 are often in stock
Two flanges are available
Inner cone runout 0.003
Tool installation runout is 0.01 (a bad chuck affects accuracy)
The spindle undergoes accuracy testing, running-in temperature testing, and speed testing before leaving the factory.
80 size flange for servo motors?
ER25 Spindle
86 NEMA 23 size flange for stepper motors?
ER32 Spindle

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