Electrical discharge machining EDM wire cut machine

Fast, stepper motor 350*450mm
Medium, servo motor 320*400mm


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Fast EDM wire cutting machine

DK7735 -Features:
1. Large travel.
2. Four axes independent UV work.
3. Workpieces to 600mm thick.
4. Taper angles up to ± 30°.
5. The standard model is equipped with ± 3° taper attachment.
6. Molybdenum wire diameter 0.12~0.22 mm (down to 0 .08mm).
7. Accuracy: 0.015mm, even 0.01mm.
8. Roughness: Ra 1.6-2.5 µm.
9. Low consumption, material saving.
10. Closed loop glass scales on all four axes for positional accuracy of 0.005mm.
11. Advanced CAD/CAM software with file transfer and translation capabilities.
12. High-cutting speed modular is optional.
Wire-cut EDM

Wire EDM, is also known as wire cut uses a thin metallic wire Molybdenum Wire as an electrode, continuously fed through the workpiece to cut intricate profiles via controlled electrical discharges. This method excels in precision cutting for components with tight tolerances and intricate details.
Sinker EDM employs a shaped electrode, submerged in a dielectric fluid, to create complex 3D shapes by removing material through electrical discharges. It is commonly used for molds and dies requiring high precision.
The main difference lies in the tool and material removal process. Sinker EDM shapes the workpiece using a solid electrode, while Wire EDM cuts through material using a thin wire electrode. Both techniques contribute significantly to modern manufacturing, with Sinker EDM being ideal for complex 3D shapes and Wire EDM for precision cutting applications. The choice depends on specific project requirements, such as part geometry and desired tolerances.

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