Plunger Pump for car washing machine

7m3/h 10M 21V 110W
8m3/h 12M 21V 110W


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Piston or plunger pump for car washing machine

The main function (universal motor + pump): Water absorption and discharge
Product net weight: 14 plungers 05Kg, 12 plungers 0.45Kg
Pump body material: Nylon
Pump pressure: 0.1Mpa
Rated power: 110W
Working current: 5~8A
Rated head: 8~12m
Pump pressure: 21V
Speed: 20000 rpm
Connection method: fixed connection
Product use: Suitable for lithium battery hand-held car washing machines, electric car washers, electric sprayers, aquarium equipment, bonsai equipment, spray equipment, atomization devices, cleaning equipment, and equipment and products that require high-pressure water sources.
car washing pump
Friendly reminder: The price of the product is the price of a single plunger pump without any other accessories
If you need a complete set of configurations, you can consult online customer service, thank you for your cooperation!
Car washing machine 14 plunger pump universal motor + pump suitable for various rotary heads

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