CNC machine slideway soft belt PTFE sheet

0.8*100mm 1 meter
dark green
0.8*300mm 1 meter
dark green
1*300mm 1 meter
dark green
2*300mm 1 meter
dark green


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Machine Tool Guide Rail PTFE Wear-Resistant Soft Belt

PTFE soft belt
CNC machine slideway PTFE soft belt, also known as Turcite B Sheet
Note: there are different colors, grades, and thicknesses from 0.5mm to 6.0mm in stock, the prices are different. Welcome to inquire for bulk or as your local dealer.
Guide rail soft belt
Turcite is a thermoplastic resin used in industrial applications that require the reduction of friction on bearings and moving parts.
Turcite is PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) resins with added fillers such as bronze, that are extruded into solid billets as opposed to compression molding. Billets are then skived to a nominal thickness in 24" wide rolls, with lengths varying depending on thickness. One side or both sides are etched depending on the application to accept the adhesive.
Turcite is a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) based bearing material with low friction for machine tool industry linear bearing applications.

Special properties
Low friction without stick-slip for positional accuracy at different velocities, especially low speeds
Low coefficient of friction in intermittent lack of lubrication
Chemical resistant to a broad range of lubricants for extended product life
Reduces machine tool vibration through damping characteristics
Minimal abrasion of hardware, preventing damage to counter surfaces
High wear resistance for extended product life
Thicknesses to meet design requirements
PTFE soft belt for slideway

Eliminate crawling: move quickly, provide precise positioning, and reduce power loss.
Eliminate deformation: Eliminate lotus leaf edge and load-shear deformation, increase material utilization, and reduce costs.
Reduce vibration: Reduce the noise and vibration generated in the work, so as to improve the surface quality and accuracy of the workpiece, and prolong the life of the tool.
Oil-free lubrication: Because the material itself has excellent lubricity, when the mechanical lubrication system fails, the precious guideway will not be damaged.
Friction coefficient stability: When the speed load and temperature change, the friction system is constant and need not be adjusted.
Long service life: very wear-resistant, less wear, can provide machine accuracy maintenance and prolong machine maintenance cycle.
Easy installation: Because of the simple installation process, machine tool manufacturers and maintainers can use it to improve equipment performance.
Wide range of uses: DIXON, as a level, vertical or rotary slide, is used in metal processing machinery, woodworking machinery, handling machinery, and hydraulic machinery.
Machine Tool Soft Belt

Guide rail soft belt pasting process (suitable for machine tool maintenance and product use)
Before bonding, it is necessary to degrease and derust the bonding surface of the metal guide rail. You can use an emery cloth, sandpaper, or wire brush to remove rust spots and impurities, and then wipe it with acetone and dry it; if the old machine tool is seriously oily, you can use NaOH first. Scrub with lye, and then scrub with acetone; if possible, sandblast the bonding surface of the metal guide rail. At the same time, scrub the dark brown adhesive surface of the soft tape with acetone and dry it for later use.

The glue should be applied using a "toothed scraper" or 1mm thick Bakelite chips. The special glue can be coated longitudinally on the metal guide rail and horizontally on the soft belt. The coating should be uniform, and the glue layer should not be too thin or too thick. The amount of glue used can generally be controlled at about 700g/m2, and the thickness of the glue layer should be controlled Between 0.08 and 0.12mm.

When the PTFE soft belt is first pasted on the metal guide rail, it needs to wriggle back and forth to make full contact; squeeze from the center of the length of the soft tape to both sides with hands or utensils to drive away air bubbles; for large and medium-sized machine tools BOPP can be used to seal the box With sticky positioning. Curing is carried out at room temperature, curing time: 24 hours, curing pressure: 0.06 ~ 0.1MPa, pressure must be uniform, can use the weight of the machine tool table itself to reversely press on the bed guide rail.

After curing, push the workbench along the direction of the guide rail, then lift it up and turn it over, remove the remaining glue, and cut off the process allowance of the soft belt along the direction of the bonding surface of the metal guide rail and chamfer. The third-generation soft belt has good scraping performance, and can be ground, milled, or manually scraped to the precision requirements. During machining, it must be fully cooled by flood coolant and the feed rate should be small; with scrapers, it can be scraped according to the usual scraping process. Carried out, the contact surface can reach 70% evenly. The method of opening the oil hole and oil groove of the soft belt is the same as that of the metal guide rail, but it is recommended that the oil groove generally does not penetrate the soft belt. The depth of the oil groove can be 1/2 to 2/3 of the thickness of the soft belt, and the oil groove should be at least 6mm away from the edge of the soft belt.

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