Temperature adjustable laboratory electronic equipment thermostat heating mantle

250ml PID control
500ml PID control


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250ml/500ml to 5000ml temperature adjustable electronic equipment heating mantle, thermostat for lab use

I. Product Description:
1. Capacity: 250ml/500ml/1000ml/2000ml/3000ml/5000ml
2. Type: DW series
3. Quantity: 1 piece
4. Technical parameters Room temperature +5-350 C

II. Instructions:
The electric heating mantle is a kind of universal heating instrument in the laboratory, which is composed of the hemispherical heating inner mantle and control circuit made of alkali glass fiber and metal heating wire. It is an ideal instrument for precise temperature control and heating test.
Turn on the power supply. When using, adjust the humidity control knob to control the temperature. The small indicator light of the adjustment button is on, indicating power heating.

III. Advantage features:

  • fast heating
  • high temperature
  • easy to operate
  • durable
  • etc

IV. Application notice:
1. When you first use it, it is normal that the inner core of the electric heat jacket will have smoke and odor, that is because the oil on the outer surface of the glass filament is volatile.
2. The product should be slowly heated when exposed to moisture so that it can restore good insulation performance after drying.
3. Please put it in a dry and ventilated place if it is not needed for a long time.

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Other sizes:

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