Desktop automatic screw locking machine single or dual Y

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Blow type


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Automatic Screw Locking Machine

A. Four-axis double-position inflatable automatic lock screw machine instructions:
1. Mainly by the screw automatic transmission system, X-Y-Z mobile platform, control system and lock the system components;
2. Appably strong, replace the product, just replace the fixture, the device program to save alone, the corresponding program can be transferred out;
3. Feeding with sensor control, lock to pay a one to one, automatic feeding, there will not be repeated feeding phenomenon;
4. The slider does not feed: in the lock to pay the project, the torque can not reach, the screw does not send out to prevent the phenomenon of card mouth appears card material;
5. Good stability, not card material, even if bad lead card material, non-professionals can also solve the card in a few seconds;
6. High efficiency, usually 1 second to play a screw, do not grab the screws, just put the product on the fixture can operate the device;
7. Can reduce the three workers screw lock operation, to achieve fully automated production, reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve productivity;
8. The key parts of the use of high-quality metal materials and through special treatment, the original electronic equipment imported, to ensure that equipment zero failure.
Automatic Screw Locking Machine
B. Four-axis double-position inflatable automatic lock screw machine performance:
Provincial cost: single can be efficient operation, 1 equivalent to the efficiency of 3 people;
High efficiency: 3600-4000 screws per hour, no waiting time;
More relaxed: a single device required workers 1, just complete the loading and unloading;
Reliability: configure the slider, floating lock, leak detection, and automatic alarm, one day can work more than 20 hours;
Versatility: for the same screw lock the product, just replace the fixture, you can lock different products, through simple programming, you can put into production, greatly facilitating the organization of production.
Screw Locking Machine

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