Servo motor fly-knife rotary cutter for plastic extrusion

16-32mm 1.8Kw
20-63mm 5.5Kw


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Fly-knife Rotary Cutter

This FD-32 or FD-63 fly-knife cutting machine adopts servo motor control and has high safety performance. The cutting pipe blade is made with an imported white steel knife. The cut material is free of any defects, and the edge is very outward so that the cutting plane is smooth and smooth. Compared with the traditional chipless cutting machine, its advantages can be divided into the following points:
1. Servo motor control, no electrical faults, no complicated circuits, and low probability of damage.
2. The pipe cutting is fast, and the pipe cutting surface is smooth and flat, unlike the ordinary chipless cutting machine, the pipe is cut well.
3. Simple operation, no need to adjust, only need to change the mold when changing the pipe diameter, no need to adjust the knife.
Technical specification:
Motor: 2.2Kw 380V 3-phase servo motor
Extrusion applicable size: 16-32mm
Knife material: SKD-11
Center height: 1000mm+-50mm

Fly-knife rotary cutters are commonly used for cutting plastic pipes as well. Plastic pipes are often used in plumbing, irrigation, and other industrial applications, and they come in various sizes and shapes. Fly-knife rotary cutters can be specifically designed and adjusted to cut through different types of plastic pipes, including PVC (polyvinyl chloride), PE (polyethylene), and PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) pipes. The precise cutting action of the fly-knife rotary cutter ensures clean and accurate cuts on the plastic pipes, which is essential for ensuring the pipes fit together properly and create a leak-free connection.
Fly-knife Rotary Cutter

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