Wet Wipe Splitting and Rewinding Machine with humidifying system



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Semi-Automatic Roll Type Wet Wipe Splitting and Rewinding Machine with Humidifying System

Model Number: SVR-150 & SVR-150H

Basic Splitting and Rewinding Machine (SVR-150)
Main Technical Parameter:
Power supply: 380V 50Hz / 220V 60Hz 3phase
Power: 3-4KW
Suitable material: air-laid paper, non-woven fabric
GSM of raw material: 20—75g/m2
Max width of parent raw material: dia 1000x1500mm
Max width and max lane: 15 x 100mm (lanes x width) or 7x200mm (lanes x width)
Hole making length: 100-300mm
Production speed: 100 -120m/min
Machine size: 4300x2400x1300mm

Material Roll width: 1400mm
Material Roll diameter: 1000mm
Wet wipe rolls width: 200mm per roll
Wet wipe rolls diameter: 80 - 120mm
Split into 7 rolls wet wipe each width: 200mm
Wipes Point Cutting Length: 150-300mm

Semi-Automatic Non-woven Fabrics Spunlace Canister Cleaning Wet Wipes Slitting Rewinding Machine

With Additional Humidifying System
Humidifying System: contains one water pump with 7 tubes connect with the tank and water return tank.

Shipping case dimension:

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