Injection Molding Machine small size 32, 42, 52, 72 Tons



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Small batch production plastic molding machine

0.7-2.9 Oz/20-80 gram per shot, 22.6-92 CM3 shot volume
Features of the Servo Injection Molding Machine
Double cylinder balanced injection system;
Multi-stage pressure &speed injection;
Back pressure adjustment device;
Low-pressure mold protection;
Single hydraulic core pulling and inserting;
Multiple hydraulic ejector knock-out;
Mechanical, electrical safety device;
Auto lubrication system;
Hydraulic pressure full proportional control;
Computer control system;
Molding data memory system;
Automatic mold adjust function;
Energy-saving with servo motor;
Benchtop Injection Molding Machine
20 to 80 grams injection molding
Mold Platen Dimensions

Servo Injection Molding Machine

What is Servo Injection Molding Machine?
The traditional injection molding machine is using AC motors. In a Servo Injection Molding Machine servo motors are used in place of the normal AC motors. Servo motors can be used on all the drives of the machine, like pump motors and injection unit drives. Servo motors have many advantages over normal AC motors, higher reliability, energy-saving, etc.

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