Disposable razor plastic parts mold 4 molds as 1 set



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Molds of disposable razor

Twin blade disposable razor as an example, as usual, there are 4 parts the big cap, small cap, cover and the handle. Then you will need as least 4 molds for 2 or 3 injection molding machines, which are recommended to increase the production capacity or to ensure the disposable razor assembly line can run in full load without pause because of lack of plastic parts.
RobotDigg is one of the most professional disposable razor production line solution provider from China.
Disposable Razor Mold
If you have injection molding machine HAITIAN at hand, a 90 Ton for big cap, small cap and the guard 24 cavities and 32 cavities are fine, a 120 Ton for the handle 16 cavities per shot is good.
Otherwise, RobotDigg recommends you have 2 units 128 Ton injection molding machines to cover 1 set of the razor assembly lines.

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