Beer Bottle Crown Capping Machine



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The pneumatic capping machine is a tabletop and desktop type capping machine, widely used for beer bottle capping, drinks capping, and other glass and plastic bottle capping. This capper’s structure is simple and easy to operate, the structure

Material is stainless steel with four-pillar, make sure the capper machine is stable and pretty.

This benchtop capper machine has a single head, it's suitable for small-scale workshops, like beer bars, self brewing beer, or small factories.

This capping machine also accepts customized caps size.

Main features of HG-1 crown capping machine.
1.  Stainless steel of capping machine's structure.
2. Pneumatic capping, press pretty and won't damage the crown caps.
3. Fast capping, though it is a semi-automatic machine, can cap 60 bottles per minute. 
4. Easy operation, just need to put the bottle on the positioning channel of the capping machine.
5. The capping machine's height can be adjusted to fit different standard beer bottles by the top handwheel.

Main parts of HG-1 beer bottle capping machine.
1. The gas source processor

2.  Handwheel for easy adjucting capping height to fit for different size bottles.

3. Press capping head.
4.  Bottles positioning channel.

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