Large flow rate peristaltic pump DC Motor or Stepper

12V geared DC motor
24V geared DC motor
NEMA23 Stepper


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Large flow rate peristaltic pump

Peristaltic pump miniature constant flow pump adopts ball bearing, large flow pump fast pump 3000ml/min
A: Pump head/silicone tube
B: Pump head/composite tube
C: Pump head/silicone tube + 12V DC motor
D: Pump head/silicone tube + 24V DC motor
E: Pump head/composite tube + 12V DC motor
F: Pump head/composite tube + 24V DC motor
G: Pump head/silicone tube +57 stepper motor
H: Pump head/composite tube+57 stepper motor
The wheel frame adopts ball bearings, quiet and long life
Stainless steel screws, rust and corrosion-resistant
Set the pump tube correction wheel to prevent the pump tube from deflecting and causing damage
Pump tube material: yellow composite tube/transparent silicone tube
Hand screw: plastic head/stainless steel
Roller type: no bearing/with ball bearing
Motor: DC gear motor/stepper motor
Voltage: 12V/24V (applicable voltage of stepping motor is 6~36V)
DC motor current: 0.5-1.4A
Working environment: temperature 0-40C, relative humidity <80%
Medium flow direction: The flow direction of the peristaltic pump depends on the positive and negative stage connection of the power supply, and the positive and negative stages can be arbitrarily selected at the terminal
Flow range: Max 3000ml/min
Equipped with pump tube: inner diameter 7.8mm* outer diameter 11mm
Product weight: 0.7Kg
It has been widely used in the fields of experiment, biochemical analysis, pharmaceutical, fine chemical, biological engineering, pharmaceutical filling, food, paper, ceramics, water treatment, environmental protection, powder and other fields.
(Before using acid and alkali media, it is best to conduct a 24-h hose immersion test)
Voltage: 12V/24V
Pump tube material: yellow composite tube/transparent silicone tube
Roller type: no bearing/with ball bearing
Motor: DC geared motor or stepper motor
Maximum flow up to 3000mn/min
The pump cover is quickly disassembled for easy hose replacement
Can be equipped with a fixed-speed DC geared motor and stepper motor (speed adjustable), the stepper motor can meet the long-life and low-noise operation requirements of the motor
Shell material: PC, PA66
Roller: nylon + MoS2
3000ml flow rate peristaltic
stepper motorized peristaltic
DC Motor
Flow range: <3000ml/min
Motor power: 6-30W
Motor model: Ordinary DC honest speed motor
Optional voltage: 12V, 24V
Product weight: 0.7KG
large flow peristaltic pump
Stepper motor
Flow range: 2200ml/min
Motor power: 30-50W
Motor model: NEMA23 stepper motor
Optional voltage: 6~ 36V
Product weight: 0.8KG
stepper motor peristaltic pump

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