Fume extractor 130W 300CBM per hour

300CBM Single


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Fume Extractor for Laser Marking

Order number: KN-103
Power supply: 220VAC 50HZ
Wattage: 130W
CBM: 300m3/h
Noise: 45dB
Filtration rate <= 99.87%
Dimensions: 440*250*480mm
Weight: 18Kg (volume weight 32Kgs)

Do you need a fume extractor?
1. For irregular soldering, you may Not need one, but if you want to reduce the long-run health risks or for reflow soldering, it's better to get fume ventilation or a filter unit.
2. Laser marking or engraving, where fumes from plastics, metal, or the laser itself.

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