Platen Vulcanizing Machine rubber press for experiment



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Rubber vulcanizing press

Materials placed in the mold, to pressure and temperature between heating plates forming the raw materials for the test, the machine is equipped with a color touch screen PLC program control, man-machine interface operating system, you can set the pressure, temperature, time and frequency of the curing process, established in full automatic molding process is complete, advanced and reliable.
Technical Parameter:
Capacity: 20-50T
Temperature: RT-300℃
Plate Size: 300*300*60mm
Plate layers: Molded board single/double(optional), both heating and cooling functions
Exhaust times: 0-10 times configurable
Hydraulic system: Proportional hydraulic flow valve closed-loop control system
Security: Self-locked security video door
Dimension: 900*450*1460mm
Power supply: AC380V, 20A
Weight: about 688KG
Rubber Press

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