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PEEK 3D Printer

From ordinary plastic printing to high-performance engineering plastics, I can complete this "little p-child", which is a high cost-effective high temperature peek 3D printer that professionals can take without much consideration.
450 ℃ high-temperature nozzle, a material compatible with high-temperature ABS, peek, peek CF, nylon GF, etc.
Technical parameters:
Equipment model: X3HT
Printing size:203*195*220mm
Layer Thickness:0.03-0.4mm
Material: PEEK、PA6、PA6-CF、PA12…
Nozzle:0.4mm standard(customizable)nozzle maximum temperature 450℃
Printer Size:366*372*482mm
Shipping Size(L*D*H):500*560*660mm
Equipment Net Weight:12.5KG
Shipping Weight:15Kgs
Printing Speed:150mm/s
Power:AC100-240~-60HzDC24V—15A 360W Max
Data Interface:USB-A&B,Micro&Standard-SD,Ethernet,Wi-Fi
Platform: Aluminum alloy printing platform with a maximum temperature of 120℃
XY Accruacy:0.002mm(2um)
Z Accruacy:0.0003mm(0.3um)

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