ARM32 Lerdge-X and Lerdge-K Controller Board for 3D printer

Mainboard only
Mainboard only


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ARM32 3D Printer Mainboard

Lerdge-X Specification:
Motherboard model : Lerdge-X
Dimensions : 90*70mm
Microprocessor : STM32F407
Input Voltage : 8V-35V
Power Interface: ATX high current interface
Motor Driver : A4988/DRV8825/LV8729/TMC2100/External large motor driver
Printhead temperature sensor type: 100K NTC Thermistor
Color touch screen: 3.5inch IPS LCD
Support file format: G-code
Support machine structure: XYZ Delta CoreXY
Recommended software : Cura/ simplity3d/Pronterface/Pepetier-host/Makerware
Update: TF card and U disk update
Print Method: Offline Printing (For online printing, need to add the online module)
Lerdge-X ARM32

Lerdge-K is an upgraded version of the Lerdge-S motherboard. The most essential difference is that with all the functions of the Lerdge-S motherboard, an auxiliary motor control port is added, and the auxiliary motor can be flexibly expanded to dual X-axis, dual Y-axis and dual Z-axis models. It can also be used as a synchronous motor for the E0 or E1 extruder to design a printer that operates in parallel.
Lerdge-K board make the printer design flexible, and also provides hardware support for later motherboard expansion of the third extruder or support for two independent nozzles model .(This feature is temporarily not open, the software needs to be improved and tested, and it needs to wait for a while.)
After summarizing the user feedback and suggestions of the Lerdge-S motherboard, the Lerdge-K motherboard has been added with very good electrical hardware protection to ensure that the Lerdge-K motherboard is more resistant! ! ! At the same time, the temperature measurement method is also modified. The PT100 temperature measurement is available, by which it can handle the temperature range of -50 degrees to 550 degrees, and the high temperature special material printing can be easily carried out to unlock a new printing field.
Lerdge-K ARM32

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