Rotary stage 3 or 4 axis motion controller Labview programmable

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Labview Programmable 3 or 4 Dimensions Stepper Controller

The stage motion controller is used to drive bipolar stepper motors of the motorized stage to achieve a variety of motions, and it also can be used to control other devices driven by a bi-polar stepper motor.
The built-in motion control and motor driving modules make the controller more integrity. Users can use its control stick or software panel, or programming to control motors’ running. Each stage motion controller can control 4 motors at most to run independently or synchronously. It also has the capability to run arbitrary speed motions which were downloaded by the software panel. These arbitrary speed motions can be saved to its internal disk in order to run without a PC.
The position information of the stage is displayed on the LCD screen.

Labview Programmable
1) Capability of driving: 4 motors at most;
2) Supply voltage: DC: 18V~24V, 3A;
3) Driving motor type: Bi-polar stepper motor;
4) Interface to computer: RS232, (USB to RS232 converter is an option);
5) Multi-dimension control stick;
6) Software panel;
7) LCD screen;
8) Indication of forward, backward, the home position of the stage;
9) Instant states are saved when power off, and recovered when power on;
10) Programmable arbitrary speed motion from the computer;
11) Save/Recall arbitrary speed motion data;
12) Controlling micro-stepping: 12800P/R
Labview Programmable Stepper Controller

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