GR1-1B or GR2-1B YZ25 peristaltic pump filling machine



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YZ25 peristaltic pump filling machine

Speed display function, LED display speed, speed range 1-600rpm, speed resolution 1rpm
Liquid reflux function, right and left button switch to adjust the direction of liquid flow, convenient for liquid recovery.
GR1-1B Flow range: 0-1800ml/min
GR1-1B Plus Flow range: 0-2500ml/min
Filling range: 0.1-41000mL
Adopt DITRON-LED-DISPENSER-1 intelligent operation technology, imported chip STM32 control,With timing quantitative filling, high precision, Flow accuracy ±1%
Peristaltic pump filling, 57 stepper motor drive, 128 Times segmentation, low vibration, high precision; liquid only touch the tube, don't touch pump body, to avoid secondary pollution.
To fill the nutrient medium and other medical reagents
Rotary coding switch to adjust the speed
Manual, auto, preset 3 filling modes for choice
Support running time preset, interval time preset, filling time memory and preset
Footswitch control
304 stainless steel filling nozzle
Excellent industrial design, 304 stainless steel shell
Widely power range, AC 90-260V, 50Hz/60Hz
YZ25 peristaltic filling machine
Peristaltic Filling Machine

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