PEI or PPS 1.75mm, 2.85mm or 3mm 3D Printing Filament



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PEI 3D Printing Filament

Polyether Imide (PEI) Ultem is an amorphous, amber to transparent thermoplastics with a glass transition temperature (Tg) of 217 °C and performs in continuous use up to 170 °C. This inherently flame retardant plastic has UL94 VO and 5VA ratings.
1.75mm, 2.85mm or 3mm diameter can be manufactured and MOQ 30Kgs
PEI 3D Printing Filament

PPS 3D Printing Filament

Polyphenylene Sulfide or PPS filament yarns are high performance yarns with exceptional chemical and heat resistance. PPS is an organic semicrystalline polymer with high stable chemical bonds. Its outstanding chemical and temperature resistance distinguishes it from all other high performance materials, as very few polymers can match its ability to withstand hot, humid, and corrosive conditions
PPS 3D Printing Filament
Filament printing temperature for reference
3D Printing Filament Temperature

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