10.1 inches LCD continuous SLA 3D Printer



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Large size continuous LCD 3D Printer

This 3D printer is a rapid prototyping equipment based on light curing (LCD). It can print various complex three-dimensional models by transferring files on U disk or by WIFI.
User Manual X215 LCD 3D Printer
10.1 LCD 3D Printer
1、Printers should be used in indoor lighting shelters (temperature: 15-30 C, not over 30 C environment use)
2、In order to ensure the stability of the printer, the printer must be placed stably without shaking.
3、There is an isolation film between the LCD and the Material tray. The direction of the film is divided into positive and negative sides. Please watch the video to distinguish the direction of the film.
4、LCD screen and material tray are vulnerable parts. Do not to crash or press. If any debris falls, please clean it up in time.
5、Printers should use U-disk with good quality. U-disk cannot be taken out during printing.
6、Shutdown must be closed at the operating interface, and power can be cut off until the interface shows. (To avoid system damage of printers)
7、The printer is based on the principle of light path. It should be placed in a less dusty environment as far as possible.

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