Stepper or servo motorized screw pump for metering and filling

1.6-15.5L/H Servo Motor
3-27L/H Servo Motor
6-50L/H Servo Motor


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Motorized screw type displacement pump

RoNice is a compact, lightweight, general-purpose model that can be installed on various types of robots, including Cartesian coordinate robots or SCARA robots.
Static mixing tube

stepper motorized screw pump
Applicable Liquid
Silicone resin, epoxy resin, UV cure resin, Silicone oil, anti carburization agent, lubricant, etc
Can be used for dispensing of glue or 3D Printing of chocolate?
screw type displacement pump
stepper motorized screw pump

RDGscrewpump integrated stepper controller POT or Pulse n Direction dual mode controllable stepper motorized screw pump

The metering and filling screw pump can be driven by nema17, nema23 stepper motor, geared stepper or servo motor which is designed for the industry of glue, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries with high viscosity. It's for accurately dosing or filling and metering, its structure is fully suitable for smooth and low pulsating transmission medium, corrosive and anti-corrosion chemicals.
Screw Pump Details
Max pressure 24 bars, 0.75CC 1.5-15.5L/H 200W Servo Motor or NEMA17/NEMA23 geared stepper motor
Screw Pump Components

Screw Pump Notice

There are kinds of materials for the screw pump, aluminum, stainless steel or Ceramic, etc. To clean the stainless steel screw pump or during usage, 84 liquid or other chloride-containing liquid is Not recommended. Alcohol is recommended for cleaning the screw pump.
Stainless Steel Corrision

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