DIY syringe pump usage stepper motor linear actuator

Without Controller
DIY Controller


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DIY Syringe Pump without or with integrated stepper controller

Clampable syringe: 1ml ~ 150ml (less than 42mm in diameter)
Speed range: millimeters per second (0.01mm/s~0.21mm/s), millimeters per minute (0.01mm/m~12.50mm/m), millimeters per hour (0.01mm/h~99.99mm/) h)
Time setting: 1 second to 17 hours;
Working mode: manual control, time work, the communication control
Equipment working power: 12V2A
Adapter power supply: 100 ~ 240V / 50Hz
Slider stroke: 140mm
Single circle lead: 1mm
Size: 290mm*130mm*130mm
Weight: 1.5Kgs
Packing list: stepper motor linear actuator.
The power supply and control board are Not included.
In addition to the distance mm unit, the controller also contains the size of the syringe of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 30, and 50 ml, and the speed unit is automatically switched to ml after selection.
Syringe Pump

Power supply and control board included in XK-syringe, the following is the DIY Controller which is stand alone.
DIY Syringe
Q: Due to the different syringe models installed, only the push displacement speed setting was considered in the design. In use, it is also necessary to measure the syringe pushing distance with a ruler, and then calculate the propulsion speed to obtain the corresponding flow rate.
A: About the position of the motor. According to the requirements of some previous users, the shopkeeper designed the motor at the other end of the syringe.
Q: Many customers have asked about the thrust. Here, the shopkeeper used the soil method to test it. It can pull up 5 kilograms of heavy objects, so the thrust can be around 50N.
A: Reminder about "electrospinning": At the time of design, there is no expectation of electrospinning. Because of the high-voltage electric field used in the spinning experiment, it is easy to break through the insulation, so many customers who have done the spinning test have encountered control. When the machine crashes or burns out, the repair rate is very high. It is recommended that customers who do the static spinning test fully consider the influence of high pressure on the injection pump when designing the experiment, and do isolation measures. The treasurer is also developing new machines and doing some protective measures. Before the new machine is produced, it is recommended that customers who do electrospinning be cautious to purchase.

Improved DIY Syringe Pump

Syringe Pump
This improved DIY syringe pump is going to be available from June 25, 2021. It's still the acrylic plates to keep the price low as before.

Next step we may change all the plates to Aluminum But the price will be higher than the stepper motorized syringe pump you can find

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