Integrated Servo Stepper or AC Servo NEMA23, NEMA24



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Integrated Servo Stepper or AC Servo

NEMA23 size motor integrated with driver both 36V DC power supply input

180W NEMA23 0.57N.m Integrated Servo Motor 36VDC 3000rpm JMC iHSV57-36-18-36
Multi Pulse Input Modes Pulse+Direction
Opto-isolator Servo Reset Input Port ERC
Current Loop Bandwidth:(-3dB)2KHz(Typical)
Speed Loop Bandwidth: 500Hz(Typical)
Position Loop Bandwidth: 200Hz(Typical)
Motor Quadrature Encoder Input Interface: Differential Input(26LS32)
Download parameters via RS232C from PC or Text Display.
Users can definite subdivisions via external Dial-up switches or software.
Overcurrent, I2T, Over-voltage, Undervoltage, Overheat, Overspeed, Overerror Protections.
Green light indicates running, red light indicates protection or offline.
Typical applications
CNC, printing, laser, textile machine, etc.
iHSV57-XX Integrated AC Servo Driving Motor is perfectly integrated AC servo drive into servo motor, adopts vector control in DSP chip, features in low cost, full closed loop, all digital, low heat, small vibration, and high response, as well as includes three adjustable feedback loop control modes(postition loop, speed loop, and current loop). iHSV57-XX is a series of stable performance, high cost-effective motion control products.
Input voltage 24~50VDC(36V typical value )
Continuous output current 6A
Maximum pulse frequency 250K
Default rate 9.6Kbps(Required external conversion interface)
Peak value of over current action value 30A + 10%
Overload I2t current action value of 300% 5S
Overheating action value of 80
Overvoltage action value 65V
Action value of under voltage voltage 18V
As far as possible to avoid dust, oil mist and corrosive gases
Use environment:
working temperature 0~+70°C
Storage temperature -20°C~+80°C
humidity 40~90%RH
Cooling mode natural cooling or forced air cooling
Space avoid dust, oil frost and corrosive gases
Ambient Temperature 65°C
Humidity <80%RH
Vibration 5.9m/s² Max
Storage Temp. -10°C -80°C
Weight approx. 1.8 Kgs
Microstep Resolution Setting:
The micro steps setting is in the following table,while SW1,SW2,SW3,SW4 are all on,the internal default micro steps inside is activate,it can set by our servo software.

NEMA 23 2N.m Integrated Closed Loop Stepper motor 36VDC JMC iHSS57-36-20
Integrated compact size for saving mounting space
Without losing step, High accuracy in positioning
100% rated output torque
Variable current control technology, High current efficiency
Small vibration, Smooth and reliable moving at low speed
Accelerate and decelerate control inside, Great improvement in smoothness of starting or stopping the motor
User-defined micro steps
No adjustment in general applications
Over current, over voltage and over position error protection
Green light means running while red light means protection or off line
Typical applications:
CNC, Printing, lazer, textile machine, etc.
JMC IHSS57 Integrated Closed Loop Stepper Motor is all-in-one closed loop stepper system which integrates closed loop stepper motor with digital driver. Servo control and digital stepper driving technology are perfectly merged into this smart system. Optical encoder with high speed position sampling feedback of 50μs built inside, can help system avoid losing-step, greatly improve low-speed instability and reduces noise. This Series products have the advantages of both stepper and servo, features in low heat, smooth motion, fast response, high speed and big torque output.

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