BLD-750 size 86 Brushless DC motor driver

48V 750W


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BLDC Motor Driver 48V 750W

1. BLD-750 is an brushless DC motor drive controler applied to 24V, 36V, 48V brushless motor.
2. The BLDC Motor Driver can use manual control mode (built-in potentiometer, also can be an external potentiometer manual control of motor speed)
3. BLD-750PID speed loop, current loop control; start stop control; reversing control.
4. Overload protection setting: dial the code switch can be set different power of motor protection parameters.
5. The 750w brushless DC motor drive controler's high-speed torque output smooth and steady, speed stability.
6. BLD-750 has over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage, locked-rotor, illegal hall signal, temperature protection, and other functions.
7. Speed signal output; Abnormal alarm signal output; (BLD-750 with the speed display adjusting device to match and available for the user matching, which can be used to display speed and settin button speed, setting acceleration and deceleration time, etc.)
BLD-750 Driver
Power supply: 18V-50V DC
Rated current: 30A
Speed Control:
Provide the following four kinds of speed control mode, user can choose any kind of:
A. The driver's own built-in potentiometer can be used for motor speed adjustment
B. The external access potentiometer can be used for motor speed adjustment.
C. Can use external 0~5V or 0~10V analog voltage input for motor speed adjustment.
D. The external input pulse frequency can be used for motor speed adjustment.
Pulse frequency: 0K-3KHZ; Pulse amplitude: 5V; Pulse duty ratio: 50%.
PID Close-loop Control Configuration:
SW2/ON (User setting): PID closed-loop control.
SW2/OFF (Default setting): Not PID closed-loop control.
Underwater Thruster BLDC Motor Driver

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