50 synchronous motor bellows metering pump



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Synchronous Motor Dosing Pump

50 synchronous motors 110VAC or 220VAC 6-10W 50 rpm/min

Non-corrosive Dosing Pump Usage:
Photo enlargements, color film; X-ray film, microfilm, motion picture film, and automatic flushing;
Beverage vending machine;
Mucus reconcile quantitative, food additive is added;
Electronic printed circuit board etching, cleaning, printing plate;
Treatment of acid-base neutralization, into condensate agent;
Quantitative plating solution supply;
Quantitative additives, bleach and other agents injected.
Features: Completely leak-free mechanical
High precision output liquid (tested under conditions of room temperature and water conditions, + 1.5% accuracy is available)
Can be self-priming (suction lift: 1 meter)
Allowed to run dry, empty working chamber is bellows, which can run dry
Long service life of the pump chamber:
Pump chamber is made of polypropylene resistant tortuous, which can withstand reciprocation of millions of times.
Good corrosion resistance :pump body is made of polypropylene, the valve is made of FPM, EPDM, resistant to all kinds of weak acid, alkali and corrosive liquids.
Strong liquid temperature adaptability: highest syrup temperature 60 degree.when the pumped liquid exceeds 50 degree, the maximum pressure is only 1/2 when the pump liquid is 20 degree . pls be noted that when liquids temperature is over 40 degree corrosive is increased.
Product description:
Applied liquid temperature :less than 55 degrees.
Applied liquid:
40% (or less )sulfuric acid, 40% (or less )nitric acid, 40% (or less )sodium hydroxide 40% (or less ) caustic soda, 25% (or less )ammonia water, 80% ( or less) acetic acid, 30% (or less) phosphoric acid , 40%(or less)acid liquid ,40% (or less) hydrofluoric acid, 100% formic acid, and dilute salt.

non-corrosive dosing pump

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