BLD120A 24V 120W BLDC Motor Driver



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BLD120A Brushless DC Motor Driver

30VDC 120W BLDC Motor Driver
It can be applied to the host computer (PLC or SCM) PWM or analog speed control
Can be manual speed control mode (own potential, also can be external potentiometer manual control)
PIDSpeed loop, current loop control
Start-stop control (EN), Reversible control (F/R), Braking Fast stop (BRK)
Overload protection setting: set different power motor protection parameters through linear potentiometer
High-speed torque output stable, speed, and stability
Low-speed high torque output
Overcurrent, overvoltage, brown, stall, hall signal illegal, temperature protection
Abnormal alarm signal output
Electrical characteristics
Input power: 12-30VDC power supply
Output current 8A rated current
Instantaneous maximum current 30A (<3S)
Insulation resistance: under normal temperature and pressure >500M
BLD-120A BLDC Motor Driver

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