608ZZ Ball Bearing



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608ZZ Ball Bearing 10pc per pack

Order No.: 608ZZ

The 608ZZ Shielded Bearing, This bearing is made of chrome steel, each bearing has 2 metal side shields to protect the bearing from dust or any possible contamination. The bearings are oil lubricated to run smooth.
Item: 608ZZ Ball Bearing
Type: Deep Groove Ball Bearing
Lubrication: Oil
Material: Chrome Steel
Closures: Metal Shielded
Dimensions: 8mm x 22mm x 7mm/Metric
ID (inner diameter)/Bore: 8mm
OD (outer diameter): 22mm
Width/Height/thickness: 7mm
Also known as 608-2Z ball bearing.

Do you know?
Originally developed for manufacturing equipment these bearings are designed for low maintenance and long life. They can also take incredibly high speeds. They are widely used by the skate boarding, inline skate, long boarding and street luge community. You COULD spend anywhere from $20 to $90 at the skate shop on bearings. But to be honest you will never reach the speeds where expensive bearings would make a difference. If they start to feel a little worn you can afford to change them out and start fresh. If you hit a curb it is no big deal either. They are 30 cents each! Go nuts and do some tricks, grind a rail, have fun with them! Save your cash and go get some nice kicks.

If you are into 3D printing these are the bearings you are looking for. You need bearings with no slop that can run for hundreds of thousands of cycles for hours on end without maintenance. Two of these 608ZZ ball bearings are needed for Original Mendel and 3pcs are needed for the Prusa Mendel. They also slip right over 8 millimeter smooth rod and make great pulley and guide bearings. Check out the latest extruder designs on Thingiverse, they all use bearings to minimize friction. You can buy these from someone else and pay more but they probably bought them from us in the first place. And at thirty cents each it is no problem if they start to feel a little rough after a year or two, just replace them. While you are here looking for 3D printing parts do not forget to check out our Stepper Motors. RobotDigg does not just sell them....RobotDigg MAKES them! We have been manufacturing quality motors since 2003. We also have Glow in Dark PLA and ABS for probably way less than what you are paying now.

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