20W or 30W Enclosed Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine



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Desktop Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine

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Power Supply Voltage: 110V/220V
Fiber Laser Source: Maxphotonics (RAYCUS /IPG laser optional)
Output Power: 20W (MOPA laser for color marking only 30W available)
Laser wavelength: 1064nm
Modulation frequency range: 20-100kHz
Speed: 0-8000mm/s
Precision: ±0.003mm
Minimum line width: 0.015mm
Minimum height of characters: 0.15mm
Cooling way: Air cooling
Marking range: 110x110mm(150x150mm optional)
Laser power supply: 0.5KW,220V/50Hz, 110V/60HZ
Software: Auto-cad, CorelDraw, Photoshop software compatible
Rotary device: Optional
Computer system: Windows xp, Windows 7 32bits
Weight: 40KGS
Wooden case packing size: 84*72*36 cm
Packing weight: 59 kg

Enclosed optical fiber laser marking machine mainly consists of four parts: fiber laser, galvanometer scanning system, computer control system and the worktable.
fiber laser marking machine

Optical maserMaxphotonics(Raycus,IPG fiber laser optional)Long service life, high reliability, fine beam quality
Galvo mirrorGalvo-tech(digital)Fine marking, more quick and high reliability
F-θ lenswavelengthHigh quality optical device
Marking softwareSpecial marking Software (Ezcad2 software)Powerful, simple and convenient operation, Auto-cad, CorelDraw, Photoshop software compatible form
Control cabinetChinaOptical fiber special cabinet, all the mold production, high seal

1.Optical Fiber Laser, environment friendly, easy maintenance.
2.Life of the laser can be up to 100000 hours.
3.Small volume and weight, less than 35KGS.
4.Easy operation software, compatible with PHOTOSHOP, CORELDRAW, AUTOCAD
5.Runs without consumable spare parts, no need maintenance, great for continuous working.
Application Industry:
Jewelry, Keyboards of cell phone, Auto parts, Electronic components, Electronic appliances, Communication apparatus, sanitary wares, buckles, kitchenware, sanitary equipment, Hardware tools, Knife, Glasses, Clock, Cooker, Stainless steel products, etc.
Application Materials:
Engraving bar codes, decorative map, LOGO, factory number, production date, the dial on all Metals ( Gold, silver, copper, alloy, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, name card ), Non-metal ( Plastic: engineering plastic and hard plastic, etc. Used in electronic components integrated circuits, mobile communications, precision instruments, glasses watch and clocks, computer keyboard, accessories, auto parts, plastic buttons, plumbing fittings, sanitary ware, PVC pipe, medical equipment, packaging bottles, etc.)
1, The galvanometer scanning system is made of an optical scanner and servo control of two parts, the whole system adopts new technology, new material, new design and manufacturing.
2, The smallest volume, suitable for harsh environment, friendly interface, easy operation.
3, Adopts the high quality, high energy, high stability fiber laser source, prime precision optical galvanometer assembly and the industry’s top software.
4, Compact, lightweight, simple interface, flexible and adjustable processing direction.
5, The master switch, red light switch and galvanometer switch.
6, High precision scale.
10W Fiber Laser VS 20W Fiber Laser:
1. The same reference marking effect: 20w laser is faster and deeper than 10w;
2. 10w laser is suitable for playing some plastics and some products don't require the depth; 20w laser is better suited to play Metal Products.

Why Should You Use Fiber Laser for Marking?
Minimal Maintenance
Diodes have a lifetime of more than 80,000hrs
High quality permanent marking
Environment friendly and safe Machinery
Works both on Metal and Non-metal

How to set the height of the laser?
Marking Software Operation Manual EzCad2
Quick assemble instruction

30WFLM-H is an optical fiber laser marking machine with an independent handheld or portable galvanometer laser scanning head.
30W Handheld Laser Marking

Desktop Laser Marking Machine with enclosure for safety purpose
Laser Marking with Enclosure

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